Podcast 8: the 2 most important words in project management

What are the two most important words in delivering projects?

This episode is my view on some behaviours and words/phrases which may improve team working, and therefore help to deliver your projects. In no specific order or priority….

  1. Admit your weaknesses – don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Deal with unresponsive people – walk and talk rather than mail and wail!
  3. Foster a team ethos – remember as a PM you’re not doing the actual work!
  4. Ask for clarifications… “I understand that..” or “my understanding is….”
  5. Share problems and solve these collaboratively.
  6. Acknowledge when you make a mistake – take accountability and be authentic.
  7. Share information with colleagues and co-workers.
  8. Show your gratitude. Frequently…

Thank You for listening!

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